Network Rules


These are the general network rules. These rules can also be found by typing /MOTD on the IRC Network.

- »» No Denial of Service ("dDoS")
dDoSing networks is really immature, and we will not tolerate it. We will set a global ban on anyone suspected on dDoSing our network.

- »» No Channel/Network Takeovers
Channel and network takeover attempts, including hacking, imitating an admin, brute forcing, exploiting, and anything listed or not listed to takeover, will result in a global ban and there are no exceptions.

- »» Show respect for ALL users/staff
ChaoticNetworks prides itself on a fair, and just network. Our staff are trained to tolerate those users who cannot show respect, but they can proceed with a fair justice to consquence a user for breaking a network, or channel rule.

- »» Do not beg for Channel/Network Ops
Our staff are quite capable of deciding who deserves, and who does not deserve channel, or network op status. Asking, begging, or hinting for us to give you, or another user op status will be tolerated as questioning our decision, and the user will be consquenced justly.

- »» Do not harass staff/users
Harassing users or staff by abusing, discriminating, using racist comments, and all around being a troublemaker will have you removed with little or no warning.

- »» Do not spam/advertise excessively
Spamming for any reason, or excessively advertising to the point where someone says stop, is when you stop. If you fail to listen, you are in violation for valid reasons for a channel ban, kill, or reasonable global ban. This includes, but not limited to, general spam, repeating, flooding, caps abuse, displaying links to websites, other IRC networks, and radio streams. Have respect, don't excessively spam/advertise.

- »» BNC/Eggdrops
Eggdrops are permitted on general direction. Because some users like to use eggdrops for botnets, dDoS attacks, war scripts, takeover scripts, we want to verify the purpose of your bot first. As well, eggdrops are not permitted in mainstream channels unless requested by a staff member.

- »» No XDCC File Transferring
Our network does not support transferring of files such as illegal warez, pornography, music, games, or any copyrighted material. Any user caught XDCC'ing on our network, or advertising about XDCC will be global banned.

- »» No Botnets
Botnets are dealt with quickly and effectively. Any trace of a user on our network related to a potential botnet on our network, or another will be global banned.

- »» No Hacking
Our network does not support any content involved with hacking our network, our users, another network, another network's users, general websites, games, programs, and anything else not included. This includes cracking.

- »» No adult content
This includes general pornography, child pronography, web content, file transferring, or channels dedicated to adult content. Transferring or advertising websites with adult content will be enforced with a global ban.

- »» No Virus Transferring
Sending viruses to users/staff on our network, or another, or through email/ftp is not permitted. Doing so will result in a global ban.

- »» No Warez
Our network does not tolerate any warez production, transferring, or advertising. Whether it be on our network, web content, or advertising a website, or another warez-based IRC network will result in a global ban.